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Impressive! Francesco Paolo lo Muzio win the best oral prize for presentation at the "Forum Giovani" of Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research in Bari and Margherita Burattini win the Poster Travel Grant !! En Plein for the TECMED Lab.

Here are the media

Lo Muzio Best Oral presentation


Incredible Achievement for the TecMedLab! Our work on synthetic recovery of impulse propagation in myocardial infarction via Silicon Semicarbide conductive nanowires has bene publshed on Nature Communications!!

Here are the Media and websites related to the work







Here my interview at Radio 24

Thanks from all co-authors !!!


Two Awards !! Rosario Statello and Francesco LoMuzio both achieved the Travel Grant Award from the Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research Meeting in Imola 28-30 October. Congrats !!

Our position paper from the Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research published in 2020 regarding COVID-19 in Geroscience received the HIGHLY CITED score in the field of Clinical Medicine!!

Our article on microvesicles and their role in myocardial hypoxic stress is finally online on European Heart Journal . Fantastic achievement!


Happy to share our laboratory article on diesel nanoparticles triggering arrhythmias. The paper relies on better understanding the mechanisms by which DEP exacerbate arrhythmogenesis. Please enjoy reading our paper published today on Environmental Pollution !!

We are also proud of Dr. Michele Bozzi and DR. Erika Pizzinato our former undergrat. students. Both got the highest degree cum laude for Biotechnology graduation in University of Parma with honor mention !! Good job !!


Happy to share our last results on Nanoscale cardiac remodeling published on hypertension journal from AHA! 
Congratulation guys !!

10/ 2020

The TECMED Lab is so proud of Giacomo that achieved the third place at the Start Cup Emilia Romagna with the aim to rend our VikiE technology, available to the clinics. This prize allows J.E.M. Tech to participate to the final National Competition the 30 November in Bologna. Nice job !!


The new multi-photon microscopy is now in place and running in our diffuse ParmaPhotonics lab!. Looking forward to work with it! 3D Calcium sparks and AP are there , waiting for us !!

We are excited that Giacomo and Ruben have both passed the selection for Start Cup Emilia Romagna and achieved the final competition. Ruben proposed "UMbioprint" a project related to create an artificial 3D printed patch capable to release, locally, immunosuppressive medication during transplant or cell therapy; Giacomo proposed "J.E.M.Tech" a project that take advantage of VikiE technology developed in the lab for monitoring cardiac mechanics during heart surgery, More details "here".

All the group is happy to collaborate in the Freshly funded ERC PoC (P.I. Prof Luca Bonini, www.boninilab.unipr.it). we will provide and test novel devices for wireless basic research on NHP behaviour. More details "here".

Amparo Guerrero Gerboles and Cristina Malvezzi got a fantastic achievements with this Publication on Alginate for Cardiac Regeneration. More information "here" !!!

Congrats to Bianca Contini, Ilenia Zimbardo  and Samuel Pineda Chavez for their Graduation in Biology and Biotechnology. Proud to have you  in the lab !!

Congrats to Dr. Ruben Foresti for the first author publication on Scientific Reports, talking about 5D bioprinting for personalized medicine!!

Congrats to Dr. Michele Miragoli (Head of the Lab) for the new appointment as Associate Professor in Applied Medical Technology!

Congrats to Mr. Francesco Paolo lo Muzio who achieved the mechanoelectric coupling meeting young investigator prize at the MEC Freiburg Meeting !!


This is the interview from Michele Miragoli at Radio24 Obbiettivo Salute where he talk about inhaled nanoparticles described in Science Translation Medicine Research Article.


Congratulations to Dr. Cristina Caffarra, winner for the fellowship of Fondazione Fegato starting an interesting project about air pollution and liver disease! CLICK HERE TO MORE INFO



Congratulation to Mr. Giacomo Rozzi , which has been selected for the summer school from the 
European Society of Cardiology!! Fantastic achievement!